Shirley Chubb - links with Brighton & Sussex Medical School and School of Health Professions, University of Brighton.

Sol Sneltvedt, Maarten Ambaum, Giles Harrison, David Stephenson, Holger Zschenderlein links between social science, meteorology, music and video

Janet Barlow, Chris Rose, Holger Zchenderlein links between urban meteorology, sound design and haptics in conjunction with City of London Pollution Control and Rhode Island School of Design

Jon Bird links with Sussex University and the Blip Group, interactivity and robotics, Help Partners International, World Check

Giles Harrison, Charlie Hooker, Wayne Adams, David Stephenson links with Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, Robin Boult, Royal College, Redline Books and The Met Office; music, art, cosmic rays and climate.

Carolyn Arnold, Wayne Adams links across all of the above, plus documentation and website design

website:Wil Baldwin