These images and audio tracks are examples of work carried out during the '70s '80s and early '90s in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. Each performance was written specifically for a particular gallery or outdoor space and normally involved the participation of performers recruited locally. The underlying concept was to expand the notion of what an art gallery might offer by including local people in art projects, and to broaden the scope of what galleries generally presented at the time to include ephemeral time-based work.

The SLIDESHOW comprises drawings and musical notation, plus photographs of these works. Each performance is titled and further information can be obtained from the CONTACT/CV section. Please use the contact email address in this section if you would like to purchase an original drawing, print or photograph from this or the WORKS ON PAPER section. STROLL ON was recreated at Bloomberg Space as part of the 1979 exhibition and features in the MAJOR WORKS section.

The AUDIO RECORDINGS are excerpts from a selection of performances. Those featured include: CLOSEDOWN; NIGHT IN BIKE CITY; WIPEOUT; TWO VIEWS; MIDLAND GROUP WORKSHOP; TRANSITIONS. Full CD or MP3 versions of these can be purchased through the CONTACT/CV section. Published audio and video examples can also be found via Audio Arts, Locus + and The National Review of Live Art.

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