In 2011 I began discussions with Matteo Santin, Professor of Tissue Regeneration at the University of Brighton, regarding the possibility of creating multi-media artworks based upon cell data and microscopic images and textures. This links to previous projects in which I have used meteorological data and astronomical phenomena to generate music and sculptural installations.

The two photographs in the SLIDESHOW showing the night sky (above) and cells in a petri dish (below) have similarities - the idea of linking the macrocosm and microcosm is a theme which runs through a great deal of my research.

The photograph of cells was taken from Christopher Thom's research studies, made under the supervision of Prof Santin. Using audio software, I have translated the cell pattern into sound a different sound for each viable cell (mid-blue), apoptotic dying cell (light blue) and necrotic dead cell (pink).

Accompanying the images are copies of the musical score and the digital grid used to make the music.

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