Gladstone Place, Tower Hamlets, London.

Local Stars is a permanent sound and light sculpture, commissioned by London Borough of Tower Hamlets, situated outside the Idea Store Library, Roman Road.

The sculpture is made from stainless steel and bronze. It depicts pictures of shining stars in the night sky with star maps showing the positions of these stars in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Inside each sculpture are hundreds of tiny light bulbs which make the star maps glow and, as people approach a sculpture, emit the sound of softly-spoken voices talking about stars, the night sky and personal memories.

The etched images on the sides of each object are derived from star drawings made by local school children.

The questions:

What is your most significant memory or thought concerning stars?
What is your favourite place on earth?
If money was no object, what place would you most like to visit and what would you do?

website:Wil Baldwin