WAVE-WALL III features three giant pendulums, reaching from floor to ceiling, each of which have radio-cassette players as weights. Images overlaid onto the wall and windows of the gallery act as graphic representations of the specially-composed music being played continually through each cassette player, turning the gallery into a ‘sound-chamber’. This music, which rises and falls in a similar fashion to the continuous motion of the pendulums, was derived from sound-samples of a variety of natural and man-made waveforms recorded and reprocessed by Hooker. The continuous audio cycle that the work generates commences with ‘live’ radio broadcasts tuned to the BBC World Service.

RUB-A-DUB features sculptures, prints and audioworks derived from data linked to current scientific thinking concerning chaotic systems, unpredictability and natural phenomena. Many of the works emit sounds which blend to produce a ‘surroundsound’ installation , altering as the viewer walks through it.

website:Wil Baldwin